Coli Sylla is a self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades” a production coordinator by day, screenwriter by night and weekends and soon to be added to the list is curator of Philadelphia’s stories.

When Sylla left Philadelphia in 2005 to pursue his Master’s Degree at Emerson College in Boston, MA, he never understood or appreciated what it meant to be from Philly. That appreciation didn’t happen until after 7 years in Los Angeles establishing a screenwriting career, Coli hit a rough patch and was forced to return to Philadelphia. Ironically, not even one year after returning to Philly, a drama pilot set in Philly that Coli had written caught the attention of executives at HBO and Showtime Networks and he returned to pitch the series. It was during the pitch at HBO that he realized just how much the city meant to him based on the impression the story and characters made on the executives.

Fast forward to today and Coli is still writing. He’s recently developed an intense appreciation for Podcasts after consuming This American Life, Serial, This is Actually Happeningand the holy grail of podcasts, Snap Judgement! Coli decided it would be a great endeavor to create a podcast that uncovers what life is like growing up in Philly’s famous and not so famous sections. After researching the necessary equipment, Sylla hit the streets to record interviews for the first episode of Where I’m From which is set in the Germantown section of the city.

While in production for season one of Where I’m From, Sylla has already begun networking with podcasters across the country to branch out and establish a presence in every city!

Coli Sylla earned an M.A in VIsual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA and a B.A in Literature from West Chester University. He relentlessly encourages Philadelphians to join the effort by submitting a short paragraph about the story they’d like to tell to [email protected]