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The Music of Episode One parts 1&2

Episode One, Part One.

1.     U.S Army Blues “Walk That Dog”

2.     Polyrhythmics “Octagon pt.1

3.     Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson “Scientists now think this city is overdue

4.     Comfort Fit “Miles of Smiles

5.     Ars Sonor & M.Nomized “The Fifth Journey

6.     Blue Dot Sessions “A Catalog of Seasons



Episode One, Part Two.

1.     Willbe “Separate Ways Remix

2.     Roger Plexico “Maria Bamboozle

3.     Ketsa “Grasping (remix)”

4.     Black Ant “August

5.     Scott Nice “Repeto Por Ti

6.     Polyrhythmics “Mendo Mulcher

7.     6th Sense “Just Fine

8.     Ketsa “Soul Sale

9.     Comfort Fit “Swabian Sound

10.  Action Davis “Bee Mine

11.  Ant The Symbol “You Don’t See

12.  Comfort Fit “Remember Something I Forgot

13.  Minden “This Whole World Loves Me